• about nordicdots


    This brand is for people who love tennis, padel, value clean Scandinavian design & sustainability. Started 2019 in Sweden, now with offices in Luxembourg, Spain and worldwide sales. In 2021, Nordicdots Padel was introduced, offering handmade padel rackets and accessories for all level players.

  • The Name

    The inspiration behind the brand name Nordicdots came from the Nordic nature - specifically from the amazing Northern lights and the sky full of stars and dots! The square "dots" symbolise the geometric lines of the tennis/padel court, especially when viewed from above.

  • Vision

    Our vision is to design high quality functional apparel that makes players look good on court and off court. Incorporate sustainable eco-friendly innovations in everything we do. Respect environment and its inhabitants.

  • innovative design tennis padel shorts nordicdots


    In the best Scandinavian fashion: Modern, Simple and Functional. When it comes to functionality, we pay attention to modern tennis game and try to come up with smart solutions, such as leggings and shorts with an ergonomic ball pocket. We listen to our audience and constantly improve.

  • nordicdots warehouse


    With our head office in Luxembourg and modern warehouse optimised for worldwide shipping, we are able to smoothly deliver both B2B and B2C orders of any size.

  • Cleaner Oceans

    We'd like to increase awareness of the growing threat from plastics and design high quality sustainable sportswear using post-consumer recycled materials which would help tackle one of the most severe problems: polluted oceans. Learn more >