Excellence Polo Black

$ 1,088.46


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Polo moderno con un cuello elegante y un ajuste perfecto que te hará destacar del resto en la pista. Diseñado para mantenerte seco y cómodo durante los partidos largos o los entrenamientos intensivos.

85% Nylon / 15% Elastane

68% Bamboo / 27% Cotton / 5% Elastane


Our production process is focused on minimizing environmental impact. We manufacture our apparel with use of recycled PET plastics, organic and bio-based materials such as modal and bamboo-fiber. For example, organic cotton uses 88% less water and 62% less energy than regular cotton and saves natural resources. All our garments are packed in 100% bio-based or recycled bags. By producing recycled products we help to reduce the amount of plastic circulating and polluting the world.

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