Our vision

Is to increase awareness of the growing threat from plastics and design high quality sustainable sportswear using post-consumer recycled materials which would help tackle one of the most severe problems: polluted oceans.


Producing less plastics means less plastics will end up in the ocean. By using post-consumer recycled fabrics, eco-friendly packaging and partnering with sustainable factories that minimize waste, together we reduce environmental footprint and help preventing plastics from getting into the ocean in the first place.

nordicdots supports cleaner oceans

What about the plastic that is already there?

Every sold Nordicdots product contributes to our company’s sustainability budget, from which we make donations. To clean up the oceans, we collaborate with a brilliant award-winning innovation Seabin.

Seabin collects floating plastic rubbish and even small particles globally. Each Sea Bin catches up to 500kg/year of waste and we are proud to support Seabin in accomplishing their mission against pollution in the ocean. To learn more and support Seabin, visit seabinproject.com

tennis support cleaner oceans